DJ Crauwcamp Inc

Professional Accounting Practice

Is a professional accounting practice based in Kempton Park in Gauteng. We offer comprehensive financial and administrative services. We focus on equipping our clients with advanced financial and business planning, and administrative systems to help their businesses prosper.

A good accountant and accounting system is often the difference between success and failure for many businesses, especially during difficult financial times. Businesses need to know exactly where their money is coming from and where it is going. They need to have a financial plan of action. This is where DJ Crauwcamp Inc Accountants plays a vital role as we bank on more than 38 years of experience in the accounting industry.

Our practice was established in March 1978 and we offer a vast array of complementary services that will strategically strengthen and grow your business. We are positioned to provide essential knowledge, information and assistance to medium and small enterprises. We show clients the way to improved business and financial planning, management and administration.

DJ Crauwcamp Inc Accountants' employees are handpicked because we believe in going beyond the mediocre. We are committed and engaged and we believe in employee development through a satisfactory job creation practice where personnel have equal opportunities, skills development and promotion.

Personal attention and involvement is imperative in this highly competitive market. We assist our clients to flourish and stay ahead in their respective fields through keeping them abreast of the latest trends pertaining to the Companies Act, Income Tax Amendment, computer systems and any other aspects that may influence their business. We are compliant with IFRS for SME and Micro Entities.

Exceptional Service

Our practice is highly regarded in our industry and our high client retention rate is testimony to our in-depth knowledge and sound relationships built on trust and honesty. We appreciate that financial matters, tax and payrolls are highly sensitive matters, therefore we subscribe to ethical business practices and we respect clients' privacy and confidentiality.